Costa Rica Tarrazu Ditsö Honey

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Tasting notes: Red apple, orange, sweet, bright acidity

Bright and clean, our Costa Rica Tarrazu Ditsö Honey coffee will uncloud your day with a citrus melody ending on a sweet and citrusy note. The vivid ecosystem of the Costa Rican mountains is part of the reason for this coffee’s balanced tastes.

Monserrat Prado and her team at her family farm are the ones that make the whole jungle vibrate with every sip. Being one of the younger producers in the region allows Monserrat to look at the coffee process with fresh eyes and come up with creative and innovative solutions, like the mill she and her partner designed to make the farm water- and energy-efficient. 

That youthful curiosity and passion is brewed in every bean of this fruity coffee. 

Elevation: 1650
Varietals: Catuai,Caturra
Milling Process: Honey
Drying Process: mechanically pulped and dried on raised beds